LCD zoom stereo microscope

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1. Objective: Zoom range:0.4X- 3.2X Zoom (0.4x-4.9x is option), ratio:1:8
2. Working Distance:117mm
3.Viewing Head:55mm-75mm
4.Optical Sensor Module:  1/3″CMOS sensor
5. Out Parameter: Double interface: HD VGA interface, USB interface (2.0)
6. LCD: Standard 8 inches display screen.  resolution: 800 x 600
7. Total magnification : VGA200W,USB200W    (1600*1200 )
8. transmission speed: 15FPS
9. Electrical source: Wide voltage 100 v – 240 – v, oblique illumination, and transmitted illumination 12 v10w halogen lamps. LED light source (can be selected)
BM-DM10C digital video microscope microscopic optical technology combined with modern electronic video technology, completely solve the traditional microscope observation for a long time easy to cause the defects of the body fatigue. Configuration high-resolution 8-inch LCD screen image restores true, change the traditional single two-dimensional optical microscope observation, set the zoom imaging and display. Applied to industrial production line testing and teaching research, scientific research, and other industries. Can connect the computer used in image at the same time take photos, videos, store, and print processing, according to the customer’s different products plan adjustment, matching different stents and light source, to meet different customer needs, enhance the flexibility of microscopic observation, is of great importance in industrial automation monitoring and quality testing equipment.

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