BM-equatiorial goto

Goto Mount

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BM-equatiorial goto


5 pcs

Product Details:

1.All metal wedge type equatorial mount with goto

2.Counterweight shaft length:16mm

3.Counterweight shaft material:30mm

4.Counterweight shaft diameter: stainless Steel


6.Mount weight(without counterweight):6.5kgs

7.Mount height with extension:280mm

8.Mount adaptor: Vixen-style

9.Payload max: 8kgs

10.Total Weight(with counterweight):10.5 kgs

11.Motor Type: Microstep driven stepper motors

12.Motor resolution: 0.148 arcsec(or 8714,624 steps/rev)

13.Gear ratio: 680.83

14.Speed Rate: 1xsidereal to 3 degree(720x)

15.Material of gears: All metal

16.Material of mounts: All metal

17.Power Supply: 12 V DC 2Amp

18.Mount upgradeable: With wedge

19.Controller: Ekstream GOTO controller 30 with 32,323 objects

20.Level bubble: innovative T-shape level bubble for precision level adjustment and better goto performance

21.polar alignment scope: Easy to use red dot polar sight included

22.Backlash Compensation: BY software

23.Tripod: stainless Steel legs with 1.5″ and 1.25″ tubes

24.Tripod Height: 630mm-1080mm

25.Accessory Tray: specially designed to enhance the stability of the tripod

26.Controller upgradeable: Via internet download

27.Package SIZE: 800x160x160mm

28.Gross Weight:15kg

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