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Model BM-501 Transmission Polarizing microscope is one of the most professional instruments, in common use, for Geological, Mineral, Metallurgical departments, and relative Academy.

In recent years, with the development of optical technology, the Polarizing microscope is in wide use. A transmission Polarizing microscope is a very suitable product. The user can make a single polarizing view, orthogonal polarizing view, cone light view, and micro-photograph. The microscope is equipped with attachments, such as gypsum(1 λ), mica(1/4 λ ) test piece, quartz wedge, and attachable mechanical stage. It is a novel microscope with maturity function and nicer quality


Viewing head

  Sliding Binocular Head. Inclined at 45 ° ( 52mm -74mm )


  WF10 × /18mm


  10 × gridding eyepiece


  10 × with a reticule


  WF10 × 22mm


  Achromatic objective: 4 × ,10 × ,25 × , 40 ×  (S),63 × (S)


  Round revolving stage


  Stage dia: Φ 160mm

  Rotatable: 360 °


  Swing type N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & filter


  Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion

  mechanism Fine focusing scale  Value  0.002mm


  High brightness light collector


Light source

  Halogen tungsten bulb 6V/30W.AC 85V-230V


  Adjustable brightness


Optional Accessory

  Eyepieces: WF16x,WF20x,P16x

  1.3Mega¡¢3.0Mega Pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece


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