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BM-408 Up-right Metallurgical Microscope applies to the observation of transparent and opaque objects. It is equipped with Epi-illumination, transmission illumination system, plan achromatic objectives with sharp & clear image and good contrast. In the meanwhile, it is equipped with the polarizing device, it’s an ideal instrument for research such as Metallographic, Precision Engineering, and Electronics, suitable for School, Scientific research department, and factories as well.
Viewing Head
  Compensation Free Binocular Head Inclined at 30°
  Compensation Free Trinocular Head Inclined at 30°
  WF10×/18mm, crosshair with reticule 0.1mm
  Quadruple nosepiece
  DIN Plan Metallurgical objectives:4×/0.1W.D.25mm,10
  Double-layer mechanical stage
  Stage Size: 140mm×140mm
  Moving Range: 75mm×50mm
  Inserting type filter(green, blue, Yellow)
  Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment
  mechanism Fine focusing scale value 0.002mm
  N.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter
Light Source
  Epi-illumination: Halogen Bulb 6V/20W, AC85V-230V,Adjustable
  Transmission illumination: Halogen Bulb
  6V/20W, AC85V-230V,   Adjustable brightness
Polarizing Device
  Analyzer  360°rotatable, both Polarizer
  and Analyzer can be moved out of the light path
Checking Tool
  0.01mm Micrometer
Optional Accessory
  Professional metallurgical image analysis software.
  Eyepiece:WF16×,Objectives: 50×(s)  80×(s) 100×(s)  oil
  Compensation Free Binocular & Trinocular Head(48mm-75mm),
  1.3Mega,2.0Mega,3.0Mega,5.0Mega  Pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece
  Stress-free objestive:100×(s)Oil
  Photography attachment and CCD
  Adapter0.5×,×0.57×,0.75× CCD Camera, colour 1/3″High resolution 520 TV lines

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